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Human Constellation

To look, to see…

We can look without seeing.

What is our world if not the image we perceive?

Does the world have any sense? Or is it just a human invention? For good and evil only exist by reference to a sense.

Death and illness have no sense…

Nadège, the heroine of the Human Constellation loses her brother, her parents’ bookshop, then what she believes to be the most precious of all… her sight.

How to live with such events without arriving at the absurdity of existence?

Yet a human being constantly search for a sense. As if it couldn’t live in an absurd world.

Why ?

And what if a sense did simply exist? If it was just a question of perceiving the world differently?

Human Constellation  is the continuation of the quest that began with Childhood Amnesia.

As in the first film, the heroine of Human Constellation takes refuge in “another world” to escape the sad reality of her existence. Here, the escape hatch is her imagination, fuelled by readings depicting a world of nobility and ethics. And Nadège, an idealist and dreamer, like Don Quichotte, takes her hallucinations for reality.

The idea of writing and directing Childhood Amnesia, somehow seemed pre-ordained to me. Everything fell into place with an almost disturbing certainty, as if fated to be so. It was whilst directing that film that I realised the importance for each of us to find our Constellation and that I began looking for mine…

Constellation Humaine
Constellation Humaine
Constellation Humaine
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